Ask Julie

Question: We have been asked to be in a parade for a group assisted living home event. What signage should we use to identify our ranch?

Answer: Make a big sign on a stick (like political marchers do) and carry it in the parade. If you have enough helpers, you could do a banner with stick on each end, and someone can carry it ahead of the alpacas like they do for a marching band. If there is a theme, hats on the alpacas can add interest and generate attention. Blankets with your ranch name on it will probably not stay in place on the backs of parading alpacas. However, you should wear whatever you have that has your farm name on it – hats, shirts, visors, lanyards, etc. Call the press, as this is a perfect topic for an article and offers great photo opportunity.

Breeders, Bob and Sue Hill, of Teddy Bear Alpacas and Paca Peace Ranch in Westcliff, Colorado, have mastered parade signage and press generation, so check in with them at for additional ideas!

Julie Wassom

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