America Loves Dancing Alpacas and Girl Scouts – The Power of Good Publicity

It is amazing what good publicity can do! With a burst of effort and very little expense, Kit Hower of Blankstone Farm Alpacas, and her Girl ScoutPaca Patrol” not only got a spot on the David Letterman Show, they made his Top Ten list and pulled in high Nielsen viewership numbers! Paca Patrol is a group of Girl Scouts who train alpacas and learn about alpaca care at her Pennsylvania farm.

Note how this article promotes the upcoming Autumn Alpacafest event at Blankstone Farm, where the girls and their alpacas will unveil a routine to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. This kind of positive publicity benefits the farm, the alpaca industry, and the Girl Scouts. Kudos to Kit, and to Alan Clark and Hernan Torres of Finca Alta Vista, the nearby breeders who stepped up to help get the performance alpacas to New York.

For the video clip of the show, visit .

For more on how you can generate positive publicity for your farm, read Chapter 2 of Marketing Alpacas – Tools for Getting Started. Don’t yet have it? To get you copy, visit .

Julie Wassom


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