Ten Reasons to Smile

10. It provides the opportunity for referral marketing for your dentist.

9. Smiling puts you in a good mood.

8. It makes you sound more pleasant to the caller.

7. It costs Nothing.

6. It positions you as a helpful, friendly professional.

5. In person, it tells your clients you’re happy to see them.

4. You look like you love the children and your job as the center director.

3. It helps your prospect relax and concentrate on what you’re saying.

2. Your prospect can hear a smile on the telephone.

1. It gives you face value.

Put a small mirror on the desk by your telephone. The next time you take an inquiry call, look into that mirror and smile. When a client arrives, take a quick glance in it to make sure you head out to greet them with a smile on your face. It will say all sorts of good things about you to your prospective enrollees.

Julie Wassom

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