Terrific Marketing Ideas from Alpaca Breeders

In the seminars and consulting I have done with alpaca breeders over the last several months, there have been so many good marketing ideas shared! In the feature article of this issue of Wassom’s Marketing Wisdom, you will find several of them, ready for you to put into effect for greater marketing and sales success with your alpaca business. The contributing breeders’ names are included, not only to give them credit, but to encourage you to contact them, to learn the details and to share with them your own great ideas in the interest of supporting everyone’s success. Thank you to all who contributed these terrific marketing tips!

Beth Osborne and her farm, The Alpaca Hacienda, were featured on an hour long program on Pet. TV. She got DVD’s of the program, labeled with her ranch name, to use for farm promotions. How did the television station find out about The Alpaca Hacienda? From their farm website. Contact Beth at beth@thealpacahacienda.com.

Don Haus of Humm V Farm Suri Alpacas believes in initiating conversations with show visitors who pass by his booth. The last day of a recent show, he started a conversation with a man who merely glanced at his alpacas while passing by the booth. What happened? The man soon bought three of Don and Nancy’s alpacas! Contact Don at hummvfarm@aol.com .

Tom Cribley has recently added photos to the Falkor Ranch Alpacas e-mail announcements he periodically sends to prospects and customers who have opted – in to receive them. Why? According to Tom, good photos can break up the monotony of the text, draw attention to particular information, show off your animals and your ranch, and give recipients something to look forward to – “What will the picture be this time?”. Contact Tom at tom@falkorranch.com .

Beth and Zach Correa set up a 10′ by 10′ booth for Kama’aina Alpacas at a local street fair. In two days, they sold $2,000.00 worth of alpaca goods and got 30 qualified inquiries for alpaca sales. That’s community marketing that works! Contact Beth at kamaainaalpacas@earthlink.net

Kathy Sansone, of Dolce Vita Alpacas, shares three good tips on developing a more effective farm brochure. 1. Use optimal layout and design for easy readability and a professional image. 2. Keep to your farm image, including logo, colors, font style, etc. to increase recognition. 3. Keep it current. Revise it as your farm and herd changes. This small alpaca business has developed a beautiful farm brochure that attracts attention and inquiries. Contact Kathy at SansoneK@msn.com .

La Veta Roberts has made Little Blessings Alpacas well recognized as the farm advertised on the label of the delicious chocolate bars she passes out everywhere! She also distributes bookmarks with her farm image and contact information on the front, and a listing of this year’s farm events and dates on the back. Contact LaVeta at littleblessingsalpacas@gmail.com .

Every time Rael Reddick goes shopping for anything, she initiates a conversation about the joys of alpacas, gives everyone from bank tellers to store clerks her business card, and invites them to visit Rocky Mountain Alpacas. As breeders for only one year, if they do not have animals to sell, she brokers them for other breeders. This “speak up” technique has helped her find alpaca buyers in the sales clerk at Loews, the lady from whom she bought balloons for their farm event, the person who sold her alpaca halters at Big R, etc. Rael believes buyers are out there if you are willing to seek them out. You are absolutely right, Rael! Contact Rael at reddlink@hotmail.com.

Using these and other cost-efficient marketing techniques, you can successfully market your farm and sell alpacas in any economy.

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-Julie Wassom

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