Generating Publicity for Cost Efficient Marketing

High on the list of cost-effective ways to generate interest in your farm or ranch is to have a positive article about you and your alpacas published in a local newspaper or a publication that appeals to your target audience. A good article can help you gain public attention, the third party endorsement of the publication, and inquiries from prospective buyers.

What does it take to generate good publicity? Here are some tips to get you started:

· Think about what is happening in your business that is newsworthy. It must be unique, timely, and of interest to a broad audience of the publication’s readers. That might be as simple as something seasonal, such as the benefits of using alpaca poop to enhance your soil just before springtime planting of gardens, orchards, or landscape plants.

· Get a copy of the publication and determine where an article about your topic might fit into it. Also check lead times required for covering events, deadline dates for editorial copy submittal, and distribution information.

· Find out the name of the person at the publication who covers local news and events. You can call to learn this or look for a listing of staff writers within the publication itself. It is also good to find out how that publication likes to receive press kits. Many now prefer to get everything, including photos, electronically.

· Call or email the appropriate reporter with your idea. If it makes you more comfortable, use a script such as the one below (excerpted from one in my book, 101 Ways to Market and Sell Your Alpacas), adapting it to your topic or event:
Hello, this is (Name of Your Farm/Ranch here from Name of Your Town or Area). I have some information that I think you’ll find to be unique, timely, and of interest to your readers. We are hosting a farm event to introduce people to the basics of owning alpacas. These cousins to the llama are gentle, intelligent, easy to keep, and producers of cashmere-like fiber. With the current instability of the markets, alpacas are an investment your readers may want to consider. This event will be held at our farm/ranch at (time) on (date), and we thought you might be interested in covering it. Will you be able to make it out?

· Have information supporting your topic ready for the reporter. This can be a press kit that includes a cover letter with a good lead sentence that “hooks” the recipient, a press release, a fact sheet about alpacas, a key photo, etc. Make sure your contact information is on each piece you send, whether it is delivered in hard copy, electronically, or in person.

· When an article featuring your farm is published, be sure you thank the reporter. They will be more likely to remember you if you are genuinely appreciative.

· Use your good publicity to cost-efficiently market your alpaca business. Beyond a brief splash of exposure, good publicity will only do something for you if you do something with it.

Need more how-to’s? You’ll find comprehensive details in the second chapter of the book, Marketing Alpacas-Tools for Getting Started and even more ideas in 101 Ways to Marketing and Sell Your Alpacas

Call 800-876-0260 or click here to get your own copies

Julie Wassom

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