Banner Basics

When you have an exhibit booth at an alpaca show, farm event, or community marketing venue, your banner can make a big difference in how successful you are at drawing passersby to your booth. Here are some basic tips on creating a banner that does just that.

Make the graphics consistent with your business image. Use the same colors, font, logo, and graphic design you use in your other farm or ranch identity materials. Think of your banner as another place to drive your brand. It will help people who see your banner recognize exactly who you are.

Make it easy to read. This means it must have minimal copy, large enough text, and a simple compelling message. Be sure your copy includes your current website , phone number, city and state, and business tagline. If you include a call-to-action, make it no more than 7 words. I agree with award-winning graphic designer, Karen Saunders, who says, “Avoid patterns and busy backgrounds by using sold colors or gradients.”

Select appropriate material. When selecting banner materials, think about ease of transport, resistance to fading, waterproof or not, and durability. Saunders suggests a 10 foot wide horizontal or a 6 foot tall vertical banner for easy transport and set-up. She also suggests selecting an eco-solvent vinyl banner material, because it can last 3 to 5 years when displayed outdoors and more when only used indoors.

Make sure it’s in good condition . A banner that is dirty, torn or faded does not communicate a good message, and makes your prospects wonder what else in your booth (or on your farm) probably needs attention. Check your banner ahead of the show or event. If it has served its time, replace it.

View your banner with your prospect’s perspective in mind. Once you have your banner mounted and your booth set up, step back and view it as passersby will. If it is hung on a pole, is it even and not sagging between grommets? Are words on the banner blocked by something on your display table? Is it clearly visible as you look down the aisle toward your booth?

A strong banner can be a good marketing partner in attracting the attention you want and creating interest in your farm or ranch. For more good tips on creating yours, check out Karen Saunder’s blog article, 5 Tips on Creating a Dynamic Vinyl Banner for Your Next Trade Show.

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