Get Ready, Get Set, Start Marketing! (Part 3)

Question #3: What should I do first?

Put these and your other marketing activities into a marketing action plan. Using a plan will help you stay on track, on time, and within your budget. Make it your goal to complete at least one marketing activity per quarter.  Schedule this marketing activity in your calendar or tickler file just as you would an alpaca vaccination or teeth and toe trimming day.

Start Marketing Tip: Begin with the development of your farm or ranch identity.

Build a file of good photographs of your farm or ranch and your alpacas. Design an individual website or put a page on a community alpaca site. Get involved in local community activities. Generate local press, and do some very selective advertising. Remember, your initial marketing goal is not to sell alpacas. (You don’t yet have any to sell anyway.) It is to build the awareness, recognition and retention of an image that will ultimately help you generate prospect inquiries and referrals.

With all these marketing efforts growing as your herd does, you will have your image established and be miles further around the track than your competition who waited to do any marketing. Then, when you do have alpacas to sell, you will be well positioned to expand your marketing to those activities that will actually sell those alpacas.

Do you have Marketing Alpacas – Tools for Getting Started, as part of your library? The first chapter of this book gives you specifics on developing a farm or ranch identity program and the second chapter has details the how-to’s of working with the print media to generate positive publicity for your farm or ranch. Use this link to review this book and see if it is right for you.

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