Successful Marketing from Your Show or Event Booth (Part 1 of 4)

Put on the hat of your alpaca prospects and imagine walking into the exhibit hall of an alpaca event. There before you are pen after pen of alpacas, rows of display booths, people – and a few alpacas on lead – walking up and down the aisles. You’ve come because you already have some information on alpacas and want more. Or maybe you’ve come just out of curiosity in response to an ad you saw or heard.

As you roam around, what attracts you to one booth over another? What will make you stay at one booth instead of just glancing in or passing by? What will spark your interest enough to take information, sign a guest book, and arrange for future contact with a breeder?

Now think about your own show booth while still considering the prospect’s perspective. First impressions count. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. What impression does your booth give event visitors on first glance? It should be attractive, appealing to all the senses, packed with valuable information, and constantly manned with a knowledgeable breeder or farm/ranch manager. By setting up a unique, inviting booth, and initiating conversations with passersby, you can make your booth a marketing tool that works for you to generate qualified leads you then convert to alpaca sales.

Booth Marketing Tip: Think in the show visitor’s perspective. Their impression impacts their action at your booth.

Julie Wassom
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