Successful Marketing from Your Show or Event Booth (Part 4 of 4)

Booth Marketing Tip: Your presence is key to successful booth marketing.

  • Be in your booth as much as possible – Remember, you are the key to making the most of the marketing opportunities in your show or event booth. No booth, no matter how elaborate, will replace the value of you being in it and welcoming visitors with conversation and answers to their questions. Try to never leave your booth empty. If you are volunteering or have other duties, arrange to have a knowledgeable replacement in your booth until you return.

While in your booth, stand and watch for those who make eye contact with you. Smile and initiate a friendly conversation with them with a question such as, “What is your interest in alpacas?” or “What can I tell you about our alpacas?” Use open questions that will elicit a detailed response. Do not say, “Can I help you?” It’s too easy for them to say, “No, we’re just looking.” Once they respond, tell them just a little about your animals or the business before you ask other questions such as “How long have you been looking at alpacas?” or “ Are you just getting into the industry or looking to enlarge your herd?”

With a few good qualifying questions on the front end of your conversation, you will know what to tell your prospects, what printed information to give them, and which of your alpacas will best meet their needs and desires.

If your show alpacas are friendly, you may want to take an interested prospect right into the pen. There you can show off your alpacas’ good temperament, point out aspects of quality and conformation, and get the prospect to touch their luxurious fiber. If prospects are not interested in buying an animal at the show, use this approach only to entice them to visit your farm or ranch for more hands-on information about your alpacas and the business. If you choose to use this in-the-pen technique, be sure you have another person in your booth to talk with other visitors.

  • Observe and enhance – In spare moments when you have booth coverage, take a walk around to look at other booths. Notice the booths that catch your eye, and make immediate note of things you liked, such as an interesting way to display fiber products that you may want to adapt to your own booth to enhance it.

Then go back and take a close look at your booth. What makes yours unique from the others around you? Is it consistent with the current image of your farm or ranch? Is your guest book the marketing tool it can be? Are you prepared to keep your booth manned, initiate conversation, distribute information, and set up follow up action?

Ask yourself this very important question, thinking in the prospect’s perspective, “Would I stop at my booth?” If the answer is yes, ask yourself this. “What would make me stay here long enough to learn about these alpacas?” and “What about my experience in this booth would make me want to visit this breeder’s farm or ranch to investigate further?” If you like your answers, you are well on your way to maximizing the marketing potential of your show booth.

Julie Wassom
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