The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up | Time Management

FOLLOW-UP ACTION TIP: Good follow-up requires time management, creativity, and perseverance.

Tips on making it easier to do follow-up:

    • Get your prospect’s address and telephone number. Whether captured in a guest book, on your website, or in an inquiry phone call, this information will make timely follow-up easier for you.
    • Be creative with follow-up. For instance, send a valentine to your customers that says, “We love having you as our customers!” Think about what follow-up you could send that communicates the image of your farm or ranch in a creative, attention-grabbing way.
    • Refer prospects to your website. Encourage them to return for updates and important considerations about your approach to the alpaca business.
    • Use a contact management system. Whether you use a software program such as ACT or a hardcopy tickler system, this time management tool will help you follow-up when you said you would.
    • Make an appointment with yourself to follow-up. Set aside one day a month as the day you will do all your follow-up beyond the initial post-inquiry mailing and call.
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