Make It ALL Easy

In today’s competitive marketplace, what is one way to help prospects choose you instead of the center or home down the street? Make it easy! Easy to do business with you, easy to communicate with you, easy to complain about any dissatisfaction or desire unfulfilled by your service.

Easy to Do Business With You:
How easy do you make it to visit your farm or purchase? Do you offer to send information to inquiring prospects? Do you follow up in a timely manner? Do you ask them to visit or purchase? Do you refer them to your website for more detailed information? Do you have a information ready for them when they visit? Do you make payments convenient and easy? Are you flexible with their needs for care and other services? Do you have a referral program? These are just some of the ways you can make it easier for your prospects and customers to purchase and remain loyal to you you versus elsewhere.

Easy To Communicate With You:
Communication is key to a prospect’s feeling of ease and comfort with you, your farm, and your alpaca. Think about just exactly how you greet inquiry callers on the phone. Is it friendly, knowledgeable, professional, helpful? When prospects visit your farm, do you and your staff communicate the same message? Remember the messages delivered non-verbally, as well as those that are spoken. A small neglected things on your farm can say more than anything you might verbalize about how well you care for the animals. Do you have a regular newsletter? Do you greet every  visitor with a smile and a warm handshake? Do you respond promptly to messages left for you by  prospects and existing customers? Do you make it easy to talk with you on-line? Think about how you are communicating – both verbally and otherwise – and make it easy for your customers and prospects to talk to you.

Easy to Complain:
“Easy to what?” you say. Yes, complain. Experts say most unhappy customers never even tell you their complaints or dissatisfaction. They just stop being your customer. And, if they are really unhappy, they will tell 8 to 16 people about it! Give prospects and customers an easy way to express those concerns and unmet desires BEFORE you lose them. Do you have regular customer surveys? When you make prospect follow up calls, do you ask them what they liked most and least during their visit to your center?  Don’t be afraid to ask what customers and prospects expect, or wish they had from your services. Doing so will make it easy for them to want to be a part of your farm’s family.

In so many settings, today’s busy customers find it hard to do business, difficult to communicate, and heaven forbid if they complain. If you make it easy to do all three, you will be a breath of fresh air in their lives AND the most likely choice for their alpaca purchasing decisions.

Best wishes and happy marketing!

Julie Wassom
“The Speaker Whose Message Means Business”
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author
Call me: 303-693-2306
Fax me: 303-617-6422
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