Marketing Your Alpaca From A Distance | Part 1

Marketing is all about building an image that catches your prospects’ attention and holds it long enough to make them interested in becoming your customers. Your prospects’ perceptions of your farm forms an impression in their minds that positions, or brands, your business. Powerful and long-lasting, these impressions may or may not be what you had intended, yet it is these very perceptions which influence whether or not your prospects will ultimately pursue buying from you – or from someone else.

A significant amount of this impression-building happens long before your prospects ever get close enough to interact with you personally. Your goal before they actually make contact with you is to project an image that will make them want to meet you, visit your farm, and become your customer. I call this aspect of image building, “marketing from a distance”.

What often happens is that as a breeder, you work so hard on face-to-face marketing, you overlook the impression you are giving those you have yet to meet. While focusing on the big picture of marketing – getting business cards, placing strategic ads, going to shows, on-line marketing, etc – it’s easy to overlook the little things that can change a good impression of you and your farm into an image that causes the prospects NOT to take action to pursue doing business with you. Author, Harvey MacKay was very serious when he said, “Little things are not little things. Little things are everything.”

In this three part series, we will discuss some distance marketing techniques that will make potential alpaca buyers want to take a closer look at you and your business.

Print Marketing Materials

What do your marketing materials really say about you?

Despite what many may say, print material is STILL relevant in today’s marketing, so you need to ask yourself a few questions about yours. Does your ad speak to a prospect need?  Even a small ad can ask a leading question that will entice prospects to pursue whether or not you can fulfill their needs and desires. If it has no sign of sensitivity to what they want, your prospects may perceive that your ad – and your customer service – are all about you and not about them.

Does your farm brochure have headlines and bullets that help readers quickly determine what they can get from you? A brochure overloaded with text and photos can push prospects away versus incent them to want to know more. To pull them closer, keep it uncluttered and direct prospects to your website or to you for the full story.

Is your business card graphically consistent with the rest of your identity package? Does it show clearly that you are in the alpaca business? Is it on paper stock heavy enough to indicate that you are a serious breeder? Does it have a call to action? This small piece of marketing collateral can begin to build a positive image of you or it can make a potential buyer stop right there.

Is the sign on your vehicle in good condition? Does it offer at least two ways to contact you, such as telephone number and website address, in print large enough to read from a distance? Is the vehicle clean and obviously in good repair? If it is, your prospects will perceive that you take good care of other aspects of your business, too.

Think in your prospect’s perspective. How will THEY perceive your print marketing materials? Keep them prospect-focused, uncluttered, and consistent in design and brand imagery. Always give prospects multiple ways to contact you and a directive call-to-action to do so. The easier you make it for them to feel they can get desired quality and value from you, the more likely they will be to move from a distant view of you to a close look at what you are really offering.

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