Branding Your Alpaca Business Without Getting Burned | Part 2

Picking up right where we left off with our previous post on Branding Your Alpaca Business Without Getting Burned | Part 1.

Marketing Your Niche
How do you get your message out to all your target markets in a manner that leads them to inquire? You use traditional marketing tactics to drive your brand right into the minds of your prospects and customers. Once there and authentically delivered, it is amazing how powerful it can be. Take Evian, for example. It is just clean water, but it has been niched into such a powerful brand that many people pay more for a liter of Evian than the same amount of Budweiser, Borden’s milk or Coca-Cola.

Put your tagline everywhere the name of your farm or ranch appears. Put it on your letterhead, business cards, signs, premiums, and flyers. Include it in ads, brochures, and on your website. Talk about your niche in your show booth and to farm or ranch visitors.

If your niche is multiple color selection, make sure you have a variety of colors of alpacas in your photos in ads, on your brochure, on your website, in your show booth scrapbook, etc. Write an article about breeding for color. If you want to be known as the source for both suri and huacaya champion bloodlines, display both breeds in your general marketing efforts, and in the major industry publications and shows. Have a breed-specific presence in the venues focused on prospects interested in one breed or the other. If exceptional customer service is unique to you, make it apparent by promoting and discussing your extra efforts such as a customer support manual, detailed breeding records beyond the usual, alpaca care classes, or other farm or ranch events for customers only.

If developing and driving a brand or niche is not where your talent lies, seek the help of a professional marketer. As columnist and author, Jeff Gitomer, recommends, “Pay a marketing specialist an hour or two fee and bounce ideas off the person. I’d rather have $200 worth of good advice than a $200 ad that gets no response.”

I once heard another speaker say, “Find your niche and strike it rich!” He was referring to what Reis calls the Law of Singularity. Do not try to be what every potential buyer needs. Stake claim to a niche that is authentically yours, develop it into your own brand, then
use traditional marketing to drive that brand, so potential buyers and referral sources recognize and remember it when the time comes for them to investigate or refer alpaca breeders.

Without a unique niche or brand for your alpaca business, your prospects may tend to view you as just another breeder in the growing alpaca industry. Faced with multiple choices, potential customers will gravitate toward those breeders whose image they recognize and whose niche appeals most to them. Including a branding program in the marketing plan for your alpaca business can help you be one of those breeders. Do it well and you’ll never get burned.

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