Stop, Drop and Call – Adding Interest and Impact to Alpaca Ads | Part 2

Placing Ads for Maximum Impact

I like to say a good ad only makes “$ense” if it is placed well. When it is, it has the reach and frequency you need to get the response you anticipate and hope for. Use these tips to help you place ads to get the most image and inquiry bang for your buck.

Be selective. Whether you place an ad in print media, on television or radio, on the Internet or anywhere else, the rate of your response will be significantly impacted by how well you reach your target audience of prospective buyers. Before placing an ad anywhere, be sure you get a profile of that publication’s or station’s target audience, noting the volume of readers or viewers it reaches, and whether or not they fit the demographic of alpaca buyers you want. (See the 2005 AOBA Marketing Survey Report on the AOBA website for known demographics of alpaca owners.) For instance, an ad you run in your local rural cooperative publication may reach far more qualified buyers (and be less expensive) than the same ad in the nearby metropolitan paper or magazine.

Run your ad more than once. It takes at least three contacts before your prospects know you even exist. Not all these need to be advertisements, but one good ad usually will not draw as much response as will a run of three to five similar ads in the same medium. It can take even longer to gain prospect retention and action from ads on electronic media than it does from ads in print. For example, if you are committed to getting your money’s worth from a good print ad for an upcoming farm event, run it at least three times in the same publication in a relatively short period of time prior to the event.

Co-op with nearby breeders. You can maximize exposure and minimize expense by joining with other breeders to run ads more often.  I recently saw a tasteful ad featuring three neighboring ranches suggesting to readers that a visit to all three of them was a trip worth making. That kind of joint effort can be appealing to the prospect, cost-effective for the three ranches, and effective in generating action – in this case, ranch visits and the opportunity to make sales.

Whether your ad is a small black and white newspaper ad, an email blast, or a four-color ad for the Farm & Ranch Guide or Alpacas Magazine, using these techniques for design and placement can help you stand out in the crowd of 2,700 commercial messages most people take in daily. You’ll know they worked when you get an email or a call from a prospective buyer who says, “I saw your ad, and I’d like to know more.”

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