What is the Altitude of Your Attitude?

It is said that we only use 12% of our brain power. Beyond that, I believe the height of your success depends significantly on the altitude of your attitude. What you think about tends to come about. If you think you are going to convert each qualified prospect inquiry into a sale, you start with a big advantage. Likewise, if you think it is going to be hard to convert them, you start with a severe disadvantage.

As you say goodbye to the challenges of the past and look ahead to the opportunities that lie ahead, first ask yourself, “What is my attitude? Is it high and positive or low and negative?”

If your attitude battery is low, think of these ideas as jumper cables you can use to give yourself the boost you need to jump-start your sales goal achievement in the new year.

Take an inventory of your strengths and how you can apply them. One of the very best ways to re-energize your professional approach to selling alpacas and breedings is to take a good look at the best of who you are and how you can apply it to converting prospects to farm visitors and eventually to customers. Whenever I ask breeders what their greatest sales strengths are, I get an array of answers ranging from talking directly with prospects to being passionate about their animals and the alpaca lifestyle to knowing how to help new breeders get started. Rarely do they say things that tell me how they apply those strengths, such as marketing to their primary target audience, asking for the sale, or following up consistently.

What are your strengths as a marketer and salesperson? Write down at least three of them. Then consider what motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, said, “It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you use that makes a difference.” Once you have noted your strengths, write down how you can actually apply them to increasing your qualified inquiries and sales.

For example, let’s say one of your strengths is being organized. How can you apply that to your follow-up system, so you consistently work the leads who have inquired but not yet visited your farm or purchased anything you have to sell? Doing good follow-up will impress your prospects and undoubtedly improve your opportunities to make sales.

Find a way to make people happy. Whether it is your prospects, customers, farm staff, or whomever, there is undoubtedly a way you can satisfy their desires. For example, if a prospective buyer is wondering how they can manage to finance the purchase of an alpaca and still get the tax advantages currently available, what could you do to help them find financing and get the assistance they need to gain the tax benefits they want? In other words, think about how you can make it easy for them to buy from you. In this case, you could make three sets of people happy. The prospect who gets the alpacas and tax savings they want, the tax professionals to whom you referred them, and YOU! Why you? Because you will have made a sale and gained a satisfied customer!

Smile. For years, I have said, “You can hear a smile on the telephone.” It says all kinds of good things about you. Before you pick up a ringing phone, take a deep breath and smile. Put a small mirror by your telephone and glance into it and smile before you begin to speak. It is absolutely impossible to sound grumpy when you are smiling. Try it!

When you talk to prospects and customers on your farm, smile a lot. It communicates that alpaca ownership is a really a happy way to live. People are attracted to that like a magnet. In addition to discussing quality breeding stock and the future of alpaca fiber, tell stories about all the funny and endearing things alpaca do.

The other day, I was telling a breeder the story of what a magical experience it was for my daughter and me to go sit amongst a herd of alpacas on a day when it was snowing lightly, and how they nestled all around us, curious and friendly and just happy to be there. So were we. Both the breeder and I were smiling and got teary just talking about it!

It’s all in how you look at it.  A positive attitude, along with well-practiced good sales skills, will help launch you forward toward your sales goals.

Julie Wassom is the owner of Grand Champion Marketing in Denver, Colorado, and is the author of The Alpaca Marketing Success Library of books, special reports, and other marketing resources, and the e-newsletter, Wassom’s Marketing Wisdom, available at www.juliewassom.com.

Julie Wassom
“The Speaker Whose Message Means Business”
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author
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See me: www.juliewassom.com

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