Premiere Customer Service Pays Off

Premiere customer service is rare in today’s busy business world. You may say you do it, but how much actual time and effort do you spend beyond the delivery of the service your customers expect from you? What do you do to make sure your name is periodically in front of your customers, to tell them you appreciate them, and to give them something of value to them, and to find out what they think of the way you do business with them?

It does not take a lot to endear your customers to you. But it does take something. Spaced repetition is the key to retention.  Contact your customers regularly, layering your message delivery through email, snail mail, telephone calls, and face-to-face contact.

Periodically ask them two questions:

  1. How are we doing?
  2. How can we get better?

You will get two things from this. The first is recognition for the good things you are already doing for your customers. The second is a valuable look at what they expect that you might not be delivering and the chance to satisfy them better in the future.

When you provide premiere customer service, you not only retain more customers, they become your ambassadors. And the referrals you get from that are your most cost-effective form of marketing.

Julie Wassom
“The Speaker Whose Message Means Business”
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author
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