Creating a Niche for your Alpaca Business

Though “niche marketing” is a term you may have seen frequently, how do you create a niche for your alpaca business and then communicate your niche to prospects and referral sources? Use the exercise below to help you discover your alpaca business niche, and develop an image message to communicate your brand.

First, list all the products and services you offer. What can customers get from you in addition to alpacas and breeding services? Perhaps it’s agisting, fiber goods, 24/7 customer support, cria coats, web services, etc.

Next, answer this important question . . .What makes our alpaca business unique from other alpaca farms and ranches?

List at least five things that are unique about you, your alpacas and services, the way you do business. Think beyond quality alpacas and excellent customer support. Though these are crucial to your prospects, they alone are not enough to make you unique. Why? Because LOTS of breeders say this. What else gives you the singularity upon which you can build your niche and create a unique brand you can market? Maybe you are three generations of alpaca breeders with valuable experience. Maybe you have specialized expertise in fiber or vet care or nutrition. Maybe you have several champion bloodlines or specific colors in your herd or truly superior customer support. Maybe your focus is on getting new breeders started in the industry. Think in your prospect’s perspective and note the things you provide that are important to them.

I call these your BCAs or Basic Competitive Advantages. Now, circle the two you feel are most important to the target audience you want to attract. Two is all most people can remember as a major identifier. Though Southwest Airlines has nice planes, on-time flights, and new routes, what one uniqueness have they used lately to create a niche? No charge for checked bags. It makes them stand out – way out.

Use your two main BCAs and develop a tagline, or image message, for your alpaca business. Make it no more than seven key words. Look at some other alpaca business taglines to get an idea. Then make yours different and unique to your business. Brainstorm phrases until you have at least two or three you like.

Before you take your tagline or image message to the printer, test it. Select three different sets of people, choosing some in the industry and some who are unfamiliar with alpacas. Show them no more than three potential taglines; two is better. Make sure anyone you choose will honestly answer the following two questions:

1. What does this say you can get from us? 2. Does it make you want to know more? Note their responses. Their perception might be different from yours. However, the good news is that you can then adjust your tagline until the image you want it to project is in line with what your target audience perceives it to be.

Once you have a tagline or image message that works for you, include it under your business name (usually in same font, though smaller and often italicized) everywhere your farm or ranch name appears, except on small items such as return address labels.

To learn more about creating and communicating your alpaca business niche, request information about my seminar called, Magnet Marketing – Drawing Alpaca Prospects Until They Buy. Click on the link below or call 303-693-2306. These marketing skills are also addressed in my Bought ‘Em and Barned ‘Em Now How Do I Sell Them? teleseminar series.

For more help creating your farm’s niche and message…

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