Writing a Press Release the Media Wants to See

Generating positive publicity is one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate a compelling message about your alpacas and your farm or ranch. Publicity is defined as information with news value issued through the media as a means of gaining public attention, understanding, and support from a select audience of readers, online visitors, or broadcast listeners or viewers. The third party endorsement it gives you is a powerful public opinion influencer.

With research now showing that public opinion is 70% more believable than traditional advertising (Socialnomics, by Erik Qualman), using good publicity to shape prospect opinion is important in the mix of methods you use to market your alpaca business.

One way to generate publicity is to approach the media about an event or activity that is unique, timely, and of interest to the audience of that specific news outlet. You can interest reporters by submitting, usually via email, a press release for those happenings which are truly newsworthy. An example might be a themed event held at your farm and co-hosted by several local breeders.

Writing a Press Release

Use a press or news release format. Include a brief cover letter on you letterhead. Begin your cover letter with a “hook” statement or question that will grab the media representative’s attention and increase your chances of achieving the publicity you desire.

The order of the content of your press release should be what, when, where, and who. Last is why, quotes, and whom to contact for further information. The reason for this order is that if the media needs to reduce the length your article, they will usually cut from the bottom up.

Press Release Format

For: (Name of Farm or Group)


Contact:               (Name)


(Phone #s)

TO:  (Name of Media Outlet, if appropriate)

RELEASE: (Date or other instructions, such as “RELEASE UPON RECEIPT,”



(Dateline, if appropriate) – Begin typing release. Use double spacing. Use 5-space indent for paragraphs. Use UPI style. Use only those hyphens required. Include who, what, when, were, why, and how in an announcement type of story.

(more) – (Use, centered on page , if more than one page.)

# # # – (Use, centered on page, at end of release.)

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